Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Two-Year Anniversary of Matthias' Birth

Today I want to celebrate life. I want to remember Matthias' life and be glad for it. Tomorrow I will remember death, but today I want to remember life. I am happy that Matthias lived. I am happy that he is alive now! I am so thankful that God made him to be my child. Thank You, Lord, for the precious life of Matthias Paul Mailly.

Tonight at dinner we set a place for Matthias and had a special birthday meal. I know we all felt his loss as we imagined a two-year-old boy sitting next to Grace, eating pesto and chicken, making messes and being adorable. When Richard prayed for our meal, he cried as he told the Lord how much we long to be where Matthias is, and how much we miss him.

I feel Matthias' absence to varying degrees each day. Today it was very real, very acute. There is a little 2-year-old who is not with us. Or maybe the real pain is that we are not with him.

We love you, Matthias. We remember you. You are precious to us.

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sojourners said...

yes dear Matthias, you will always be remembered, and celebrated! can't wait to meet you someday.