Thursday, August 2, 2007

Moses Turns One!

Our baby turned one on June 25th, 2007! We had family over on the 24th for a small celebration of Moses' first year of life. He showed off his many skills for the enthralled audience, including his incredible overhand ball throwing ability (watch out when he gets a hold of a golf ball!), his precocious verbal skills (i.e. one word - "gee", which means "Sissy," "puppy" and "ball", respectively), and his almost unbelievable ability to be cute. He even decided grace us with his first steps in honor of the occasion. Everyone was duly impressed.

Moses Enjoying His Cake

We are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with this sweet boy. His work is truly incredible! Our lives are so enriched because of our beautiful children, and we find ourselves saying daily, "Aren't they amazing?!" Moses has brought so much joy and laughter with him. Richard, Grace and I all look forward to seeing his precious face each morning and hearing his sweet voice. Thank you, Lord, for our beautiful boy Moses.

The other fun thing about Moses' birthday party was that we used it to announce our new baby. Moses' last present that he opened contained some cute t-shirts that looked like this:

Grandma Sue said, "Oh, that's cute! Big broth...AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Definitely a successful way of conveying the news. It was really fun.

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