Thursday, August 30, 2007

Twenty-Eight Candles

Yes, today is my 28th birthday. As I inch closer to 30, I'm feeling more and more... unconcerned about turning 30. Hopefully I'll just be that much wiser than I am now.

I think my kids growing older is harder to handle than my own aging. Both Grace and Moses are displaying (in different, age-appropriate ways) moments of independence that make me realize they won't be under my care forever. I feel the pressure to assure them of my love for them, my confidence in them and my heartfelt fascination in who they are, while they are still young enough to soak it in and believe it. I want to ask my kids (okay just Grace at this point) "what's it like to be you?" and for her to know that her answer is remarkably significant to me.

Anyway, my birthday... for some reason Grace and Richard couldn't wait until today to give me their presents, so we had a little celebration last night. Grace (and Moses) got me a beautiful beeswax candle shaped like a bee on a honeycomb. They know I have this thing for bees. And Richard got me a gift card to Peapods, my most favoritest natural baby care and toy store in St. Paul. It was the perfect gift! What intuition my husband has, what an innate understanding of what his dear wife would love... what good sense to get her exactly what she told him to get her. So now I have a nice chunk of money to go spend exactly as my heart desires on all the baby things I really "need." Maybe that beautiful Hotsling pouch I've had my eye on. Maybe these really cool BumGenius diapers that would make cloth diapering just that much easier. Or perhaps some of my favorite Burt's Bees products. Well, anyway, it's a great present and I'll enjoy my little shopping outing this weekend. Thank you, Family!! I love you guys.

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Leah Miller said...

Happy Late Birthday, Melissa! What did you end up buying? Those diapers are pretty cool. That's what my friend buys. Glad it was a great day!