Friday, August 3, 2007

My Gold Star for the Day

Yesterday when the vacuum cleaner broke yet again, I found myself struggling to fix it with a screwdriver and a kitchen knife. Covered in grime and sweat, I tried to figure out what was causing the foul-smelling smoke to billow out of this stupid machine.

Grace was watching me and finally came over to offer some encouragement.

"Mom, I love how you are such a hard worker. You never give up. In fact, you are successful and good-natured." Her actual words. Talk about affirmation in the workplace!

Here's a great article from Pastor John that has been a huge encouragement to me as a go about my day, trying to fix appliances, doing laundry and dishes, playing with and teaching the kids... I want to be the kind of woman that he's challenging me to be.

p.s. - My sweet new Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vac. It's so awesome.

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