Thursday, July 10, 2008

Judah's Birth by Grace Ann

Judah’s Birth by Grace Ann
(all spelling and punctuation is left as in the original)

Today I will write about the birth of my new brother Judah Michel Mailly.

Well it all started this way: Right away in the morning we got up and went to an ultrasound to see if he was ok. (we were thare for about an hour. Oh! Mom had bin having contractions all day to.) Then we went to a midwife appointment. But once we had left and were in the car Mama said she was in labor! So she called Mrs. Dahl and Grandma. Then we got home and me, Papa and Moses got the sheets on the bed redy and put plastick on the floor. By that time Mrs. Dahl and Grandma were here. Once Grandma was here me and Moses went with her into my room and listened to music and me and Grandma knitt. And we made a ‘welcome home’ sign for Judah so we could hang it obove his basenet.

Then I went upstairs to be by Mama. While I was upstairs I gave Mama some water and held her hand so when she had a contraction she squeezed it. Also when I was upstairs the midwives needed my flashlight and I also gave Mama a card I had made. Then I went down stairs and made paper dolls with Grandma for about half an hour. Then Papa came down to get me because Mama was just about to have Judah. Right before Judah’s head came out I was a bit scared because I had never seen a birth before and it was a new thing for me. But once Judah was actualy coming out it became the happyest day of my life!

The only thing I did not like was that when Mama was pushing Judah out she looked sad and fritened and that made my heart rip in two. But my favoret part was that right after Judah was born Papa lifted him up to see wether he was a boy or girl (and of course you know the answer) so I ran down stairs to Grandma and Grandpa who were waiting pasiently and anounsed it was a boy and then I fell asleep on the couch.


e&e said...

Wonderful story, Grace! What a privilege it was for you to have been there. I bet Judah will love to hear you tell his birth story when he's a bit older.


Rachel said...

Beautiful story, Grace. I'm totally crying right now. So beautiful.

God is good. He is very good.

Grandma on the Farm said...

thank you for writing your story of this event Grace. Granpa and I were so thankful to have been part of it. It was amazing to HEAR laboring and then the astounding sound of a new person drawing their first breath!