Monday, May 31, 2010

We Moved!!

We moved to our new house this weekend! It is in the north metro, a 'burb that I don't know well at all but it's a nice neighborhood and a nice house with a huge fenced yard and it was affordable for us and best of all, IT'S OURS! It's God's, of course, but I mean, we love it simply because it's the first house we've ever owned and there's already a sense of attachment to it. Both of us are excited to begin all the fun things we have planned for this little house...

Moving went very well - thanks to all who helped!! We couldn't have done it without you! The kids are settling in nicely and love the slightly bigger house and yard. The end of May is a great month to move.

I am trying to find space for all our stuff (even though I purged a lot!!) Homeschooling.... I think that's partly why we have so much stuff. That and I'm a packrat. And we have four kids.

We've only been here 2 days and already it's feeling like home. I will post pictures soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mother's Day: At Matthias' Grave

Richard surprised me on Mother's Day with a trip to our little Matthias' grave. It was exactly what my heart was longing for, and he knew it! The day before, Richard had been giving the boys their summer haircuts and all of a sudden God gave me an image in my mind of almost-five-year-old Matthias getting his summer haircut too. I saw him standing there with his brothers, waiting for his turn on the chair, then enjoying his post-haircut sucker. It was so strikingly clear for just a moment, and it pierced my heart. Although it made my heart ache with sadness and longing for Matthias, it was also a gift...

So on Sunday we brought a picnic lunch to the graveyard where Matthias is buried and tended his grave. Last year we installed his headstone and I love how it looks, with his little hand prints and foot prints.

The grass had overgrown it a bit and it needed to be wiped off, so we took some time to tend it. It was a sweet time and I was blessed by the whole day. Mother's Day in this fallen world holds many tears and much heartache, as well as joy, for many people. For me there will always be the joy that comes from the fullness and blessings of my earthly children, and the sadness and longing for my little Matthias who I held so briefly.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Grace's 11th Birthday ~ A Victorian Tea

Grace had 7 girls over for a Victorian Tea Party to celebrate her 11th birthday.

The table is set...

...dolls were invited too...

...all the girls had a teacup and saucer with their name on it that the got to take home after the party...
...waiting for guests to arrive...

When the girls arrived, they were instructed to pic out a hat to wear.

Then we sat down for tea!
Would you like a scone, dear?
Lovely jam, isn't it?
Here, try some Devonshire cream.
More tea, dahling?
I simply adore these finger sandwiches!

And then on to parlor games... 'Pass the Slipper'...

And then opening presents...

A little dance with Clementine and her bodacious bow...

And pictures with each of her friends...







Aren't they lovely??

Some of the beautiful decorations we had...
(Thanks, Trish!)

...and the Birthday Cake!

Lastly, here's my kitchen afterwards... :-)