Friday, November 7, 2008

When Your Kids Do Things That Really Embarrass You

Yesterday the kids and I were invited over to a new friend's house for the first time. Tiffany is someone I've known slightly from church and through blogging, and she's a good friend of my good friend Megan. Anyway, Tiffany invited me and the kids and Megan over to her house to hang out and then have lunch. Tiffany has a 5 year old daughter and a 1 year old son (Jude was dedicated on the same Sunday as Judah!)

So the girls are upstairs playing dress-up and the three boys are playing with toys in the living room while Tiffany, Megan and I drink tea, eat coffee cake and chat. Lovely!

Then I happen to look over and see Moses without his pants on. Uh oh. He's in the midst of potty training right now (and doing really well!) but sometimes he has an accident. No problem. I've brought extra pants just in case.

I go over and quietly ask Moses, "Did you pee?" He says, "No. Poop." Uh-oh. Big uh-oh. Sure enough, he's had a major B.M. and has taken off his undies and pants (after all, who wants to hang out in poopy pants?) I'm sure he was just trying be helpful, but when he took off his pants, he got poop everywhere. All over himself, all over the floor... dee-sgusting.

At this point I'm just like, No. Please no. Moses has never done this at home! Why now? Why here? I just met this nice woman and my son poops all over her floor. It's just so gross.

Well, I got Moses cleaned up in the tub and Tiffany (brave, wonderful person that she is) cleaned the poop off her lovely hardwood floors (thank goodness it wasn't carpet!!!) I was THOROUGHLY embarrassed. More like mortified. If our newly formed friendship can survive this, I think it weather anything!

Tiffany was very nice about the whole thing and extremely gracious and all I could do was apologize. I was able to laugh when I told Richard about it that night. But it really takes the cake for embarrassing moments.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's been embarrassed by something their child has done!


tiffany said...

You are hilarious! You really kept your cool through the whole thing. If I had been in your shoes I would have been embarrassed too. However, it TOTALLY didn't bother me! I felt more badly for you because you felt bad about it! DON'T feel bad at all. I'm glad you were able to laugh about it with Richard. Yes, hardwood floors are nice when you have kids. Wipes up evidences left behind! If it makes you feel any better, Jude pooped on the rug in our living room a week ago. I was glad it was solid and not "runny." haha. You're normal. Your son is normal. Everybody poops (isn't that a kids book?). We'll definitely get together again soon! :)

e&e said...

HA HA HA!!! Yes, you were at a good place for that to happen. I'm sure Tiffany was thoroughly understanding. But I too would have been completely mortified. I know that I have been that embarrassed by my little ones, but I can't recall them now. I have selective-mama-memory, thankfully.

joyfulmamma said...

I noticed the other day in a store that I smelled like rotten milk, but I have to say that poop totally trumps walking around with baby vomit on win for most embarassing :) Thank you for the chuckle this a.m.!!

Leah Miller said...

This isn't my story- My friend Laura took her daughter Madeleine to a restaurant. Madeleine shouted "Look Mom! It's Goliath!" about the man at the table next to them. Laura whispered, "Mado, that's not Goliath." Madeleine yelled, "But Mom, He's BIG! And FAT! It's Goliath!"

melissa said...

I remember one of my younger siblings yelling really loud about someone being SO FAT.

I've also been embarrassed by this: Moses now calls any African-American person he sees "Obama." We obviously don't live in a diverse enough neighborhood!!

sojourners said...

thank the Lord it wasn't carpet! what a funny story... as for our conversation the other night, i do remember this now. but, with the seven weeks i just weathered i am bound to forget almost everything.