Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Leaves

Richard cheated this year and went and bought a leaf blower. The resulting pile of leaves was pretty incredible! The three older kids (i.e. Grace, Moses and Richard) had a great time playing in it.

Not quite old enough this year to enjoy leaves (other than eating them),
Judah checked out Grace's pumpkin.


tiffany said...

that is one massive leaf pile! and is that a mccain sign behind the pile in one of the pictures. :)

e&e said...

So fun! Isn't fall great, even while wearing a winter hat? It always passes way too quickly for me. It looks as though you could lose Moses in there.

joyfulmamma said...

Those are the cutest pictures! What a fun time & what an adorable family!!

OK, I will call you the next time I have an appt...but, in my own defense, my mom was here :). It would just have been a better idea to leave them here, instead of her watching them in the lobby :) Thank you for offering to help, friend. I will not risk angering you (is that really possible, by the way??)

YES, use Theia, I'd love it!! When we have play-dates, we'll have to use first + middle names. It'll feel like the south! And, they can grow up thinking their names are not so unusual :) Makes me want to go pray God gives you a little Theia Mailly soon...

And you're totally right about the tears. These kids are going to be all grown up so quickly...I think I'll go hug them now!

Love you! Debby