Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of THOSE kinds of days...

Email sent to my mom and sister:

Oh my gosh you guys, what a morning. I took Judah to his 9 month check up and found out that he has the beginning of an ear infection! That explains why he's been out of sorts, but he's so mild-mannered, it's hard to tell when something's wrong! Besides being a little sensitive and more wakeful at night, he seemed fine. Poor guy. I have to remember that he doesn't scream and wail when he's in pain, he just pinches his lips into a little line and whimpers. I feel like a bad mama!

So then, even though it was Judah's naptime, I had to take the kids to Target to get the prescription filled. Just as I was lifting Moses into the cart, he VOMITED all over. Me, himself, the cart, everywhere. I took his coat off and saw the look in his face like more was coming just in time to hold his coat under his mouth so that *most* of it went into his coat when he puked another bucketful. Then he started crying and I had to hug him even though there was steaming barf everywhere. "Me-me tummy hurt!" Yeah, you don't smell so hot either.

But I still had to go to the pharmacy to get Judah's rx filled! They were like, "It's going to be 15-20 minutes." Great, I have to walk around Target with my shirt soaked in barf and my baby crying with exhaustion and my toddler whimpering in a puddle of puke at the bottom of the cart. Yay.

Now I'm home, my shirt changed, the two older ones in the tub and Judah sleeping. I'm supposed to go to a "Ladies Night" with my Small Group girlfriends tonight, but....

It's one of those days when I think, wow, if I can do this, I can do anything. Seriously. I came through a morning from h*ll and I'm still functioning! Sure, I smell like vomit, and I look a bit frazzled, but I did it, and the kids are okay and I might even be able to have the house in order and dinner on the table by the end of the day.

But right now I'm going to go have a stiff drink and some chocolate.

How's your day?


tiffany said...

ha! i love your honesty. a stiff drink a chocolate sound awfully tempting to me right now....fortunately there's no vomit here though.

ML said...

Oh dear. How did your day end up? Were you able to spend some time away from everything? Hope all's better today, friend.

sojourners said...

oh melissa, what a day for you! i can't believe he puked in the store, liz didn't tell me that part. wow!

missed ladies night, but no worries we will do it soon.

abe puked everywhere today, and all the kids have bad colds. what is going on???

love you!

e&e said...

Ugh what a gross adventure. I'm curious too if the day ended up better. I remember once when Joshy was a toddler he leaned over and threw up down my shirt. Lucky for us, we were in the bathroom already. Your experience definitely trumps that!

I hope everyone will be feeling better in time to enjoy a restful, healing weekend!