Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wrap Love

My new Girasol wrap. I am in love.


For any babywearing aficionados, this is a Girasol Light Rainbow diamond weave, creme weft, size 6.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Introducing HoneyBee Organic Unpaper Towels!

I just wanted to share a new little venture of mine:

These are "Unpaper Towels" - the way-better-than-paper-towels, eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative to paper towels and napkins!

I initially just wanted some for myself, but I found such a good deal on the *perfect* fabric, that I bought extra and sold some to a few friends. But I had a ton of other requests, so I bought even MORE fabric and am whipping up as many as I can!

Here's my little website with info:  HoneyBee Organic Unpaper Towels

They get scooped up as quickly as I can make them, but I'm trying to keep up with requests!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Benjamin @ 4 Months

Here's our chunker at four months old (beginning of August):

• He's huge. HUGE. He was our biggest baby at birth (8# 13oz) and since then he's become obscenely obese. In a very cute, squishy, squeezable baby way. By 2 months he had already gained 7 lbs and now he has hit 20 lbs!

• He's a puker. Some of you may remember how Moses regurgitated tidal waves of puke for his 9 months of life. Benjamin is following suit - I'm *always* damp with upchucked curdled milk and I have burp cloths (okay, receiving blankets) strategically placed all over the house to be within arm's reach whenever a gallon of milk comes projecting out of Ben's mouth. Which is often.

• He's happy. All my babies have been happy, and Ben is no exception. He's sweet and cheerful most of the time!

• He loves playing with toys, and he loves being in the midst of the chaos of the family. He really loves his sibs and seems to enjoy their attention.

• He's a terrible napper but he sleeps well at night.

• He can scoot around in a circle but he's no where near crawling like Judah was at this age.

Month by Month:

Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Repurposed Play Kitchen

Well this is a project we did way last December as a Christmas gift for the three younger kids. It was something I dreamed up and my husband brought to fruition. These amazing repurposed play kitchens made from entertainment centers, cabinet or tables are all over the internet, so it wasn't hard to figure out what I wanted to do.

First, I found this entertainment center on Craigslist for $35. Finding just the right EC took a while because it had to have the right elements for what I wanted - a fridge, oven, and space for a sink and stovetop. It also had to be solid wood - no cheapy veneer or MDF. This is a solid piece and I think we got a good price on it. My husband *of course* paid less than what they were asking.  ;)

First thing's first - sanding! Richard sanded her down, after cutting a hole for the sink and removing the doors.

Nice work, honey.
Here she is all primed and ready to be painted! Richard refabbed one of the doors to turn into the oven door.

Here's the pregnant mama painting the inside of the "fridge."  We used a metallic paint for the fridge and oven for an authentic stainless steel look.  =]   (Don't worry - I really didn't paint much on this. Or sand, or anything. I was pregnant!)

All painted! We also painted the doors at this point.
A couple steps closer to completion!

Fridge shelves are in, as well as the oven rack.

A couple details I love about this - Richard removed the large glass door and replaced it with some sheet metal. So the kids can stick magnets on it - yay! Also, he put plexiglass in the oven door so you can peek in and see your muffins baking.  =]

I wanted the little shelves on the sides for spice jars and whatnot. My husband really went the extra mile doing all the little details that I wanted for this kitchen! I made the ruffly curtain out of some fabric I'd had for a loooong time, waiting for the right project for it. I love the orange with the blue.

Putting on the finishing touches - hooks, towel holders, a pennant I'm in my element!

Inside the oven - muffins, anyone?
The fridge is ready to be stocked!

Okay, so here we have the sink (mixing bowl from Target), a real kitchen faucet leftover from a job my brother was doing (thanks, Caleb!), and some knobs and heater elements from a real stove that my dad scored for us. (Thanks, Dad!) The hooks I had stashed away from like 8 years ago - finally found a use for them! The little jars, pot, bottles, fake flowers, salt shakers, etc. are mostly all from Goodwill.

A little ruffly towel on this side.

And a hook for aprons and towels on this side!
We put the play kitchen in the real kitchen on Christmas Eve, so the kids discovered it first thing Christmas morning!
Discovering all the neat things....
What's in here??

Here she is, fully stocked!
Wooden Melissa & Doug food in the fridge.


All ready for some culinary magic!

Here's C playing with some magnets on the fridge.

This was an awesome project, and so fun, but also a ton of work (basically all of which my husband did). But hopefully this little kitchen will last for years and years, and maybe our grandkids will be playing with it someday.  =]