Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Benjamin @ 4 Months

Here's our chunker at four months old (beginning of August):

• He's huge. HUGE. He was our biggest baby at birth (8# 13oz) and since then he's become obscenely obese. In a very cute, squishy, squeezable baby way. By 2 months he had already gained 7 lbs and now he has hit 20 lbs!

• He's a puker. Some of you may remember how Moses regurgitated tidal waves of puke for his 9 months of life. Benjamin is following suit - I'm *always* damp with upchucked curdled milk and I have burp cloths (okay, receiving blankets) strategically placed all over the house to be within arm's reach whenever a gallon of milk comes projecting out of Ben's mouth. Which is often.

• He's happy. All my babies have been happy, and Ben is no exception. He's sweet and cheerful most of the time!

• He loves playing with toys, and he loves being in the midst of the chaos of the family. He really loves his sibs and seems to enjoy their attention.

• He's a terrible napper but he sleeps well at night.

• He can scoot around in a circle but he's no where near crawling like Judah was at this age.

Month by Month:

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