Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moses' First Prayer?

Yesterday as I was getting the boys in the car to go grocery shopping (Grace was volunteering with our homeschool group at Feed My Starving Children), I had a little conversation with Moses.

Me: Moses, do you feel that wind? Look how it's blowing the trees around. Who made the wind?
Moses: Uh, Papa.
(I think Moses believes Papa can do pretty much anything.)
Me: No, not Papa. Who made the wind?
Moses: Uh, Jesus.
Me: Yes! Jesus made the wind!

So we get to the store, and I have to park kind of far. Moses is walking next to me as we head across the parking lot. It was CHILLY and that wind was blowing pretty hard. I hear Moses talking to himself:

Moses: Jesus, stop! Jesus, stop!
Me: What are you saying, Moses?
Moses, louder: Jesus, stop wind! Me-Me cold!

Does that count as his first prayer?? He was asking Jesus for something...


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