Monday, May 3, 2010

Grace's 11th Birthday ~ A Victorian Tea

Grace had 7 girls over for a Victorian Tea Party to celebrate her 11th birthday.

The table is set...

...dolls were invited too...

...all the girls had a teacup and saucer with their name on it that the got to take home after the party...
...waiting for guests to arrive...

When the girls arrived, they were instructed to pic out a hat to wear.

Then we sat down for tea!
Would you like a scone, dear?
Lovely jam, isn't it?
Here, try some Devonshire cream.
More tea, dahling?
I simply adore these finger sandwiches!

And then on to parlor games... 'Pass the Slipper'...

And then opening presents...

A little dance with Clementine and her bodacious bow...

And pictures with each of her friends...







Aren't they lovely??

Some of the beautiful decorations we had...
(Thanks, Trish!)

...and the Birthday Cake!

Lastly, here's my kitchen afterwards... :-)

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