Thursday, July 24, 2008


Moses is in this funny stage where he questions everything you say. He's not asking why, and it's not as if he's doubting what you've told him. It's more like he's amazed at what you've said and needs you to repeat it. It goes something like this:

Conversation between Grace and Moses the other night, where Grace was "telling Moses about life."

G: Moses, we all start out in our Mama's tummy.
M: Yeah?
G: Yeah.
M: Mama?
G: Yes, in Mama's tummy. First we're tiny, and we grow bigger and bigger, then we're born. Just like Judah was born a little while ago.
M: Yeah?
G: Yeah.
M: GooGah? [Judah]
G: Yes. When you come out of your Mom's tummy, you are a baby.
M: Yeah?
G: Yeah.
M: Baby?
G: Yes, you begin as a baby and then you turn one.
M: Yeah?
G: Yeah, then you turn two, like you!
M: Me-Me? Two?
G: Yes, you are two.
M: Yeah?
G: Yeah.

And so on...

It's cute in some senarios, but when it comes to discipline or instruction it can be downright aggravating. For example:

Me: Moses, go throw that sandwich bag back into the garbage can.
Mo: Away?
Me: Yes. Throw it away. Do not take things out of the garbage. It's yucky.
Mo: Yeah?
Me: Yes, yucky.
Mo: Yuck?
Me: Go put it back in the garbage right now, please.
Mo: (waving the sandwich bag in the air) Yuck? Away?
Me; Yes, Moses, go throw it away.
Mo: (still not going) Yeah?

You get my point.


tiffany said...

That t-shirt. HILARIOUS!!!

ChefDruck said...

So little, yet already a born lawyer. The t-shirt is so funny.

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