Monday, October 19, 2009


We haven't had our computer hooked up to the internet for a while, so hence the lack of blog posts. It's finally up and running, so I had to share these sweet pics of my favorite kids in the whole world:

Mama and Gracelee Annlee

Moses with his cheesy grin and Judah the nose-picker. Let's try again...

Getting closer!

Yay! What sweet, precious children these are!
I feel incredibly blessed to be their Mama.

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Sarah! said...

Great last picture, Melissa. I keep checking your blog, waiting excitedly for the new baby (-:
Had Scotty, Lisa, and Natalie Miser over for dinner last night -- They asked about you guys -- were hoping to get together with you this week. I think they leave this weekend. Scotty was having a hard time getting a hold of Richard, I think.
Anyway...thanks for posting.