Friday, October 30, 2009

More Pictures of Clementine

Brand new!

Moses helping Kate with the newborn exam.

Pooter face!

Cuddling with Grandma Sue.

So Sweet!

Big brother Moses.

For Judah, holding his little sister for the first time is serious business!

A little sleeping beauty!


e&e said... sweet! I love her little chin. Newborn skin is always so deliciously soft. Thanks so much for sharing (I can't believe you have the time!). Those baby days are so precious and go by so fast...I remember nuzzling my newborn, but that was over ten months ago! Ack!

Enjoy her!

grandmaonthefarm said...

She is so beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to be there right from the beginning of her life. I am awaiting the time when I can tell Judah the story of him and I and that evening. Where's big sister Grace pictures? (you could have left off the one of the old lady...... :) love to all of you ~ grandma