Saturday, May 16, 2009

Springtime Fun

After a loooong winter that lasted well into April, it's finally been (mostly) nice here in the Arctic Circle, and we're outside (almost) every day! What a relief. My children seem to act like angels now that they can run around, as opposed to being cooped up in a small house. Or maybe I'm just not in close enough proximity to notice their quarrels. Either way, being outside makes life seem fresher, more enjoyable, and vibrant!

Judah of the Four Teeth.

He loves wearing our shoes.

Moses ready for a game of catch!

Brothers, hangin' out.

Judah's learning how to climb up the slide, now that he's mastered going down it.

I love this picture. Their little hands are so sweet. And grubby.

Don't mind the goose egg on Judah's forehead.
He had a run-in with the bookshelf while he was dancing.

We're all happy to be outdoors!

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