Monday, May 11, 2009

Mourning on Mother's Day

I know Mother's Day has passed, but I wanted to share this wonderful post by Molly Piper about mourning on a day that can be full of both joy and pain for many women.

Every Mother's Day since Matthias died has been one of mixed emotions for me. My heart overflows with thankfulness for my wonderful children here on earth, and breaks with the pain of missing my baby who's not with me.

And I also think of friends and loved ones who don't have children but are longing desperately for a baby of their own, how Mother's Day brings fresh pain to an already throbbing wound.

So I loved Molly's exhortation,

I guess I want to encourage all of the mourners today to press into the pain with Jesus. Just go ahead and let it flow. Not only can he handle it, he’s the only one who can truly handle it and even heal it.
And in the words of a beautiful hymn, "Ye who long pain and sorrow bear; Praise God and on Him cast your care."

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Anne Basso said...

Amen. Mother's Day doesn't bother me as much as Sarah's birthday, but it's another day that reminds me that there should be one more, and she's painfully absent.