Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Names

After reading a post on one of my favorite blogs about baby name fetishes, I realized that I, too, have this issue. (She listed "Judah" as one of her favorites - I read some of the comments and was surprised how many people either had a Judah or liked the name and where planning on using it!)

I came across a fun website called Nymbler, where you can plug in your favorite names, or the names of your already existing children, and it will generate a list of names that may also appeal to you. Fun!

I think maybe I'll have to write a book with lots of characters in it so I can use all my favorite names. Or maybe we'll have to get more pets that I can name. (Does anyone remember our dog Moses who we had before Matthias was born?)

Grace is actually writing a story right now about a family with 10 kids. She was telling Moses a bedtime story last night and it sparked her imagination, so she informed me today that she wants to get it published. So far she's about halfway done with the list of names and birthdays, which seems to be more fun than actually writing the story. I wonder where she gets it?

Well, because I have a husband who dislikes outlandish names, and because I'm not a perpetual baby factory, I'll never have a daughter named Zipporah or a son named Asa. But here are a couple of my favorites, anyway. (Excluded are our #1 choices for boy and girl. Those are secret.)











What are some of your favorite baby names?

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e&e said...

Hi Melissa!

I was just thinking about you and your baby!

It seems that every time we have a baby, we are back to square one with names. Plus, we never have a name picked out, per se, we just have a top five or so list of ideas. Anyway, if Joshy had been a girl, he most likely would have been Selah. But when we had our second, we didn't even consider Selah for a girl. If Mari would have been a boy, she probably would have been Asher. But Asher wasn't even on the radar for our third.

One thing I've noticed, but didn't intentionally do, is that all our children end with the sound "ah". Joshua, Mariella, and Sophia.

And if our Ethiopian adoption would have happen, our boy name was Judah and our girl name was Tanah. More "ah"s!

Thanks for sharing all your favorites. I can't wait for this next little one to make his/her appearance!