Monday, January 21, 2008

Moses' First Haircut!

The day finally came where I gave in and admitted that it was time for my baby to have a haircut. I love his curls. I love how thick and curly and golden his hair is! But it was starting to get difficult to keep nice, i.e. frizzy and sticking up all over the place. And it was getting long. Really long. As in long enough for him to be mistaken for a girl all the time. So I had to consent the the haircut. Here's the before and after pics:

Love those curls!!

In the chair...He really did not enjoy this at all. Thankfully it was all over before too long.

The curls are gone!!

Now he really looks like a big boy. I guess it's appropriate and good, as he won't be the baby in just a few weeks, but it was still a little sad for me to see all his baby curls dropping to the floor. And is it just me, or has he started acting older since the haircut? Does he know he's graduated to a new level of maturity? Richard says it's all in my head, but I swear his grunted replies to my questions hold new depth and meaning.


dwiebes said...

Uh... I feel your pain. Something about the baby graduating to big boyness is kinda hard on a momma. Even with a new babe on the way. I'm due in two weeks but I just can't imagine my 2yo not being my sweet (haha not always) little baby. It seems the more I have, the longer I want to keep them close. BTW he does look like a cutie with the hair cut.

Leah Miller said...

He definitely still has curls! It looks great and he is still gorgeous.