Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nature Walk

These are from back in early October, but you don't mind that, right?  Just some pictures of us getting out for a Nature Walk, i.e. a walk.  ;)

We went to a cool little area nearby that has trails through the woods and some bridges over a stream. I did urge the kids to observe what they saw, heard, smelled and felt as we walked, but also let them just enjoy being out in nature.

I appreciate this article entitled "The Love and Lure of Nature Walks." The author mentions 7 benefits to get out into nature with your kids:

1. Gaining observational and life skills, as well as actually experiencing school lessons so that they become relevant
2. Understanding the connectedness of life 
3. Experiencing camaraderie, intimacy, and the joy of making rich family ties
4. Developing a quiet heart . . . one that can actually be still now and then, and one that can find benefits from moments of solitude
5. Becoming aware of stewardship and conservation
6. Creating a rich avenue for worship
7. Learning that nothing in nature is “common.” 

Watching geese land in a pond
Moses brought binoculars for better observation

On the bridge

Stream with a train trestle going over. A train came when we were under it!

Little birds in bushes

Baby tagging along
sassy pants

miss grace

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