Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clementine is Three

Wowsa, this little girlie is three! 

Currently she's majorly, obsessively into pink and purple. I'm not sure where that came from (not me!) but it's pretty crazy! The funny thing is that she's also a little bruiser who has Han Solo for an imaginary friend....it's a funny combination of "girliness" and the rough-and-tumble influence of her brothers. (A classic example is her recent observation that "If Batman had pink undies.....that would be totally weird. We wouldn't want to see that.") Haha! Never thought I'd hear "Batman" and "pink undies" in the same sentence!

Anyway, it seemed appropriate to have a pink and purple themed Third Birthday Party for little Miss C.  (Maybe it should have been a Pink Batman themed party??)  It was a GORGEOUS fall day, so nice that despite the fact that I had decked out the dining room in pink streamers, pink balloons, pink pennants, etc....we ate outside on the deck! We had the aunts and uncles and grandparents over to celebrate.

Opening presents!

I made this tutu and appliqued shirt.  =]
A froufrou apron from Aunt Steph and Uncle Chris!

Pink hairbrush...
What else?
pink loofah!
Some money  =]
Aunty Steph with Ben. Haha, oh Ben, what a face!

Pink and purple markers! Clementine has stolen all the pink and purple crayons, markers and colored pencils from all the other children in the house, so this was a fantastic gift!

"Pinkie" the doll
I made Pinkie using the free Black Apple Doll pattern and tutorial.

Heading downstairs for one more present!
Grace gave Clementine her American Girl doll Felicity, along with a whole bunch of accessories!
She was so excited! Clem is always asking Grace to play with "Fayicity."  Now she doesn't have to anymore!

Clementine at three is full of spunk and spirit and cuteness! She's lively, talkative, imaginative, loves babies (especially her baby brother!) and playing outside and copying - at times her brothers and at times her sister.  =]  I'll share a few little video clips that are a great peak at who our little Clementine is right now:
 Here she's all business, telling me to "Surrender or else go to jail! And that means get off your phone!" Scary!

She noticed the apples on our tree were turning red, and she thought they were tomatoes, which she refers to as potatoes.  =]

Clementine singing "Clementine."  She asks me if I don't like the "lost and gone forever" because I always make a sad face when she comes to that part. And yes, she pronounces her name "Hementine."  ;)

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