Friday, December 18, 2009

The Game is Called "Name That Toddler Word"!

Isn't it adorable how toddlers mispronounce words? Judah isn't really talking, but Moses is a chatterbug and has some words we that are quite unique. We have to hide our smiles when we hear him say some of these words. See if you can guess what he means:

What kind of food does Moses want when he asks for "Cecil" or a "Go-bo"?

When Moses wants to go to the "Moody Feeder", where does he mean?

Moses loves it when we play "mewxin". What is it?

Moses saw a picture of a "Cat-roon". What was it?

These ones are more obvious, but still cute: He likes to play with "buh-locks" (blocks) and when he picked his scab he saw "buh-lud" (blood).

What funny things do your kids say?


e&e said...

Ok, I'm up for a game while I'm waiting for bread to rise...

go-bo=granola bar
Moody Feeder=Movie Theater

Mari counts "...nine, ten, oo-leven..." and I don't ever correct her because I think it's so cute. She also used to say pillio (pillow) and blankick (blanket). Joshy used to say hop-sital, panio, and back-a-ball (basketball).

I love this toddler talk stage.

We're eager to see the answers! This was a joint effort of:

EverErin said...

I am going to guess

I also think Moody feeder=Movie Theatre
and cat-roon=cartoon

I had no clue on the other two, but I think your previous poster is right.

I can't wait to hear what Judah says, but I think he is waiting until he has everything perfect before he presents it to the world!