Monday, December 21, 2009

And the Answer Is...

Here's the answers to Moses' mystery words:

"Cecil" is "Cereal" (Nice job, Erin!) and a "Go-bo" is a "Granola Bar"! (Way to go, E&E!)

The "Moody Feeder" is the "Movie Theater" of course! (He's only been there once with Uncle Caleb, but asks to go there quite frequently.) You guys both got that one.

"Mewxin" is "Music". We found this one really hilarious, but sadly he just started pronouncing music correctly a few days ago. Sad. Wow, Eric and Elisa, I'm really impressed you got this one! You obviously have "toddler-speak" experience.

And a "Cat-roon" is a "Racoon". He likes to mix up syllables like that. Pretty cute! I don't think I would have gotten this one if he hadn't been pointing to a picture of a racoon.

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e&e said...

I gotta give credit where credit's due. Eric read the post over my shoulder and guessed "mewxin" was "music" all on his own.

He definitely has oodles of toddler-speak experience!

Even after Mari and Joshy started saying words correctly, we would still use their old "baby" words when we talked to them, hoping they would use them just a bit longer.

Fun game!