Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photo Contest Winner!

My little Moses has won a place in the 2009 Real Diapers, Real Babies Photo Contest! This means that he will be featured in their 2010 Calendar, available for purchase in October. You can go here to see all the winners.

The Real Diaper Association is a non-profit organization which provides support and education to parents all across the U.S. for the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers. The goal of the Real Diaper Association is to put more U.S. babies in cloth diapers. To do this they aim to create a cultural shift in understanding cloth diapers-their environmental impact, their ease of use, their accessibility, and their acceptability. The Association will help parents understand that cloth diapers are real diapers.

We have never regretted using cloth and many is the time I've put a freshly laundered cloth diaper up to my face and enjoyed the thought of putting something so fresh and natural on my baby's bum. We started out using them with Moses, used the same diapers with Judah, have loaned them out a couple times, and now are getting ready to use them with our newest baby. What a great investment!

You can read my previous post about cloth diapers if you're interested in learning more about them, or check out the Real Diaper Association Resource Center!


TulipGirl said...

Sooooo sweet!

(And congrats! I want a calendar!)

Debby said...

Hoooray!! I love that picture...

and, oh, how I wish we'd used cloth now. But I did get a great deal on some chlorine free disposables.

I learn so much from you, Melissa...thank you!