Monday, September 28, 2009

36 Week Prenatal Visit

We had our "home visit" with our wonderful midwife last week in preparation for our upcoming homebirth. She did my prenatal visit and toured the house (of course she has delivered a baby here before, but that was 19 months ago!) and checked all our supplies to make sure we have everything ready for the birth.

She also went over with Richard what to do if I have a precipitous (i.e. extremely fast!) birth where the baby is coming before the midwives get here. The midwife who is assisting ours at our birth lives less than 10 minutes away, so even if I deliver quickly the chances of us being alone are slim. Still, you never know when it comes to babies! So Richard got the crash course and I feel confident that he would be able to handle a precip delivery. :)

Our midwife also helped us figure out where and how to set up our birth pool, how to keep things dry and comfortable, and how to organize our small space to the best advantage! She then made sure she knew things like where the food and dishes are in the kitchen (everyone needs to eat during and after labor!) and where the laundry room is so she can do the laundry after the baby is born! Aren't midwives awesome!? They help deliver your baby, then they feed you and start your laundry before they leave. Now that's the kind of maternity care I like!!

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Leah Miller said...

Lookin' good, Melissa! I would love to talk to you more about homebirth when I get knocked-up (some day...). In the meantime, I love reading your homebirth posts.