Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Dates

Time is flying by, as usual, and here are some momentous dates that are sneaking up on me:

• This Sunday, August 30th, I turn 30! Um, where did the last decade go?! It's not that I feel "old" turning 30, it's just that I feel like I got here so fast. I was considering writing some "30 Days Till 30" posts that would be full of the insights I've gained in the last 3 decades and goals for the next 10 years, but that obviously didn't happen! I don't think I have 30 such posts in me. Plus I don't know what happened to August, but I would have had to start that quite some time ago! Oh well. Here's what I have to say about turning thirty:

I am looking forward to my 30's; enjoying my children, becoming (hopefully) a wiser and better wife, growing in understanding and love towards my husband, and deepening my walk with the Lord, my understanding of what it is to be IN CHRIST and to be KNOWN by Him. I am praying that my wisdom and grace will grow with my age; that I will take up my cross to follow Christ and be a blessing to those around me even more in my 30's than I have yet. I am looking forward to the crown of wisdom that comes with gray hair (although I'm not technically looking forward to getting actual gray hair)!

• I will be 33 weeks pregnant at the end of this week. Um, where did the last 32 weeks of pregnancy go?! This pregnancy has really flown by, I'm sure in part because of how busy I am now with the other children. I used to be able to tell you exactly how far along I was to the day, and now I'm lucky if I know within 3 weeks! But it hit me recently that I have roughly 8 (probably more like 9 since I'm pretty sure I'll go overdue) weeks until our baby will be here! Oh my gosh, we need another car seat and that double stroller and I need to wash and fold all the baby clothes again and figure out where in the world the boys are going to sleep and buy birth supplies and... okay, maybe it's not that pressing, but up until now I've been thinking "we have forever" until the baby comes and now it doesn't seem like forever anymore. I have had to face the reality that I'm going to have to go through LABOR to get this baby OUT (it's still a daunting thought, even after 4 times!) and that I will, God willing, be holding my BABY in 2 months (it's still a blissful thought, even after 4 times!) The reality of this pregnancy and this baby is finally setting in, and I'm excited!

• Next week is the last week before we START SCHOOL!!! Um, where did the summer go?!?! Wow, I need to organize the school room and make lesson plans and buy supplies and make schedules that I never end up keeping and figure out how to homeschool with two toddlers and a newborn (anyone have any help with this one?) and PRAY for more grace and wisdom and patience for the upcoming year than I think is humanly possible. But I am excited for this upcoming year as well. Grace will be in 5th grade and I'm really pumped for all the reading and learning we'll be doing together.

All these things are a bit daunting, yet also full of excitement and expectancy. I am trusting God as I move toward turning 30, having my 5th baby, and teaching another year of school, to be my Rock of Habitation, to which I may continually come. (Psalm 71:3)


Rachel said...

First of all, Happy almost Birthday! You are a young one still!

Secondly, I have most of the birth supplies you might need if you're interested. Some things we did use and others are still in their packages. Let me know if you're interested. I don't know if I'll every qualify for another homebirth and don't want to keep a container of something I may never use.

Can't wait to "meet" baby #5

e&e said...

"make schedules that I never end up keeping"

HAHAHA! That's about right for our homeschool too, even after only one year!

Happy birthday!