Sunday, August 16, 2009


These two boys are very different, but both so funny and so much fun! We've often wondered what Matthias would have been like and what life would be like with him here. Moses and Judah have enriched our lives incredibly since the loss of Matthias, but they can never take his place. Matthias will always be missed while we walk this earth.

Moses looking through his "glasses."

Summer haircuts.

Cute boys!

Moses doing his cheesy smile for the camera,
and Judah much more reserved. I want to eat them both!


e&e said...

What sweet pictures! I love the matching shirts too. It's so fascinating to have siblings of the same gender be so different. God is so big that way! It'll be interesting to see what your fall baby will be like.

Are either of your boys more like Grace?

tiffany said...

great pictures! i can't believe how close in size they are! how fun that you can dress them alike to. i like that.

Marty said...

I just read and cried through your son's story and video. We had been here for 1 month when he died so I vividly remember the Sunday it was announced even though I didn't know you.

I am happy to know you and your family. I am happy to honor you and your son by watching his video and reading his story. You honor God in the way you write about his death. May you feel hope in Him and His victory over death.