Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rest and Recuperatoin

Thanks to everyone for the kindly offers during this crazy time! I've just returned from sending a few days at my parent's farm in Wisconsin with the kids. It is such a blessing to have them living fairly nearby, and not just because they give me a break with the kids and some adult conversation while my husband is working around the clock. They also come in super handy when you come down with a nasty case of Mastitis and start running a 102ยบ temperature and you can't walk down the stairs and you have a nursing infant and a two year old. Even with Grace making meals and changing diapers, I needed serious help!

I got plenty of help, rest and company while I waited for the antibiotics to take effect. Moses mowed grass with Grandpa on the riding lown mower SEVERAL times and Grace did many fun and creative activities with Grandma while I ate good food I didn't have to cook, drank tea, rested, read books, and barely had to do a thing with the kids. I have made a full recovery at this time.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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