Monday, June 9, 2008

Kid Pics

Here's some recent pictures of my adorable kiddos:

Judah: Mister Laid-back

Grace losing a tooth (warning: not for the squeamish)

Moses a little nervous around the baby giraffe

How I keep Moses occupied while Grace and I do school:
He literally washes dishes for hours. And yes, the water bill is worth it!!
Peace and quiet, blessed peace.

This one's for you, Steph. This is what happened when I decided to try a new (more expensive!) brand of cloth diaper cover. Hey, who squirted mustard all over my baby!?
Seriously, though I have NEVER had a blow-out using Prorap diaper covers. Never. Can't say that for 'sposies, can ya?

Well, that's it for now. Sorry about the poop. My next post will be sans bloody teeth and baby poop, I promise!


e&e said...

EEWWW! At least breastfed baby poop isn't too nasty yet. I'm so curious to know what diaper cover that was as Eric and I are beginning to realize that, Lord-willing, we are going to have an infant and all our cloth diapering supplies are toddler size (since we switched Mari at age 1). So please, any way I can avoid a repeat of that photo would be appreciated.

Also, did you like the bumGenius diaper you got last year?

Congrats to Grace on the tooth, and stellar bravery pulling it out yourself!

Tiffany said...

Hi Melissa! Megan Quist just told me about your blog. Your kiddos are sweet. Judah looks just like Richard!!! You probably get that a lot hu? :)

Sirena said...

Okay Melissa this is crazy! Joe and Judah look a lot alike! They're like birthday brothers ;) So good to hear you had a nice relaxing time at your parent's!!! blessings blog friend!

Stephanie said...

Oh my. I'm not really sure what so say. Eeeewww!?! Gross!?! but I guess it's just a little baby poo. I'm glad I hooked my friend up with the "blow-out proof" diapers (though I suppose there's really no such thing).
Judah may look like Richard, but the picture of Moses at the sink could be a picture of Caleb!
Well done on the tooth Grace!
Love you all!

melissa said...

Yeah, isn't there a picture of Caleb washing his hair at the sink? It'd be fun to compare the two!

Susan said...
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