Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moses is Two!

Here's our Two Year Old!

Why do the baby days fly by so quickly? Moses is not a baby anymore, but a running, rough-housing, talking, tumbling two-year-old. He is full of delights for us with his crazy antics and timely sense of humor; not a day goes by without us laughing and looking at each other and saying, This is a funny kid.

Moses has also been a healing balm in our lives. God gave Moses to us less than a year after Matthias died and used him to heal so much of the pain of Matthias' death. Moses obviously is not a replacement for Matthias; we will never stop missing our little boy who is not here with us. But when Moses was born and I heard him cry and held his warm little body, part of the ache in my heart went away.

And now we watch Moses and say, I wonder what Matthias would have been like? Would he have been this funny and boisterous? Would he have been more mellow and reserved? Having Moses here gives us a tiny glimpse of what it would be like to have Matthias here.

But just a glimpse, because there has never been and there never will be another little boy just like our Moses.

* * * * * *

Some of you already know that Moses broke out with a case of chicken pox the day before his birthday. Thankfully, he doesn't seem very sick and we had a fun day celebrating his birthday. We couldn't go anywhere, but it was a beautiful day and there was plenty to do here at home. Here's a run-down of Moses' 2nd birthday:

Chicken Pox are no fun, but Moses is handling the itching very well

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for a new day!

Pancakes for breakfast: Moses' favorite

Then it's outside to play

Hmmm, anything interesting in today's paper?

Nope. I'm gonna go throw it in the dumpster

(I had to sneak one in of Judah)

No day would be complete without an airplane sighting

Sweet! Mom's letting me blow my own bubbles!


Uh, you might not want to put that wand so close to your mouth, Mo.

Eeew, I got bubbles in my mouth!

Trying to spit the bubbles out

"More bubbuhs?"

"Sure, Mo, you can blow more. Just don't put it in your mouth."

"More bubbuhs!"

Wow, you sure are cute, Moses.

Now it's time for the hose and a "water slide"

It's a hot day, so this feels great!

"What happened to my other shoe?"

After naptime, we went inside, turned on the AC and the kids made a fort. Grace worked on Moses' present: a book about a little boy named Bob who learns to use a potty, :) and I made a pie for after dinner. I won't post a picture of it because I am just not good at making pretty pies. The pie gene must have passed me up, because my mom makes incredible pies and so does my sister. Mine look more like they were made with a Play-doh Fun Factory.

But anyway, it tasted good. We had Mo's favorite dinner (spaghetti) when Richard came home, and had a pretty mellow evening together. The presents and cake and festivities will be on Saturday. Today we just celebrated having this sweet boy here with us. God has been so good to us, in giving us all our children, but especially today we thank Him for Moses.


Tiffany said...

I remember when you lost Matthias. Reading your sweet words about that in your celebration for Moses' birthday brought tears to my eyes. How encouraging to hear how the Lord brought you some healing through the birth of Moses and even just his little cry when he was born.

e&e said...

Happy Birthday, Moses! I'll never forget getting that email from your mom on Saturday saying that she was getting impatient and then you came along the next day! And I'll also never forget how you and Mari were due within days of each other but ended up being born three weeks apart!

Happy Happy Birthday to a boy who has brought joy to his family and many, many others.
elisa & eric

Debby said...

Happy Birthday to Moses! Those pictures are great, Melissa. I think Moses has got to be the happiest kid with Chicken Pox that I've ever seen...and the pics of his back also help to prepare me for next week! :)

It is so encouraging to see your faith and joy abounding, as always. We love you guys. High fives to the birthday boy & hugs to all of you!


Debby & Bryan

Leah Miller said...

Why didn't you just get him the chicken pox vaccine?

HAHAHA! I know you. :)

The pictures are beautiful.

Rachel said...

Melissa, what a beautiful tribute to your boy in heaven and your boy here with you. I remember grieving the loss of Matthias with you at that mentor-tea. Thank you for your honesty then and now. As you so rightly said, we grieve with hope.

And now when I see your sweet boys, Moses and Judah, I am reminded of God's goodness and mercy. Happy Birthday Moses!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come as often as you like. You are most welcome.

Annette said...

Such an adorable little guy, and great photos, too! Happy Birthday, Moses.