Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Family

I just have to share some recent pictures of my beautiful family.

(Moses wasn't too happy in this picture)

Okay, not that recent, but here's some pictures of Grace at a stream with Grandma this summer.Grace and Grandma Sue

Moses likes to climb into the pantry to scrounge for food. I do feed him, honest.Isn't that cloth diaper so cute?!Grace playing her favorite game with Moses: Starving Orphans. Click on the picture to get a close up of her sign. Notice she doesn't want food or money, only "household things" so that she can furnish her hovel.

My awesome babywearing hubby. "Yeah, I'm crunchy."

Waiting for Papa to come home from work

The first picture of our newest member. Another button-nosed Mailly baby! What do you think, boy or girl? We decided to wait until birth to find out.

They love to read together.

My special candle lit for Matthias on October 15th, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Playing outside on a clear autumn day.

His new favorite thing - looking at airplanes.

Grace trying really hard to get Moses in his swing.

Richard and I were talking this morning about the blessing of children and how really rich we are. It's so true. These pictures remind me of my true wealth.
"A new born babe brings
Light to the cottage,
Warmth to the hearth,
And joy to the soul,
For wealth is family
And family is wealth."
~Irish Proverb


Leah Miller said...

It's totally a boy! I know it!

melissa said...

I think you may be right, Leah! I think I accidentally saw the "turtle" at my ultrasound. (Anyone who's seen boy parts on an ultrasound knows what I mean!) I have to honestly say that I will be THRILLED with another boy, and also with a girl. They're both fun. :)