Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Snippets of Gratitude

"Nothing taken for granted;
everything received with gratitude;
everything passed on with grace."

~ G.K. Chesterton

1. New mercies every morning

2. Enough grace for today

3. Morning hugs from my husband and children

4. Walks with the kids on crisp autumn mornings

5. Seeing my little boy learning to love and enjoy books

6. Daily Light

7. Setting the clocks back and getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning

8. Kids eating cereal together and being silly and laughing

9. Grace giving up her stool for Moses to sit on

10. Cuddling and nursing Moses in the early morning

11. Sweet open-mouthed baby kisses

12. My unborn child, alive and moving inside me right now

13. Hot coffee in my favorite mug

14. The kids playing with balloons together

15. Grace playing "archaeologist" with cans of food, proving she is listening during school and even finds it interesting!

16. Flowers from my husband

17. Spending an afternoon with my mom and brothers

18. Rubbing feet with my husband in bed

19. Rocking my "baby" to sleep for his nap

20. A little voice calling out, "Mama, Mama".


Leah Miller said...

That picture of Moses is so great. Seriously.

Annette said...

great post, Missy -- love catching snipets of your life here!

Grandma on the Farm said...

thank you so much for a great post! and the link to 1000 gifts. Dennis Prager would love to know that gratitude makes people happier!

inspired said...

Congrats on your photo winning the CM photo contest!!