Friday, April 23, 2010

My Six Month Old!

This baby girl is 6 months old! Isn't that a fun age? She is so very interactive - smiling, babbling, playing with toys, learning, learning, learning. She loves her siblings, loves laughing at them and yelling at them if they aren't paying attention to her. She loves to explore the floor by scooting and rolling, and loves to see the world from the vantage point of her mama's arms.

But she's still very much a baby - nursing, cuddling, sleeping, sweet-smelling and dewey and soft. She sleeps in my arms all night and falls asleep to me nursing and rocking her. She still satisfies my desire for cuddling a small sweet creature. :)

It is so fun to have a girl again. I admit to joyfully choosing her clothes every day and changing them often. I admit to making her wear bows and headbands. I admit to enjoying the oohs and aahs she gets at the doctor's office or grocery store. Yes, she's my little dolly!

Yes, I love this sweet baby girl! I love saying her sweet name and I love her dimples and her smile and the way she watches me walk around the house with adoration and longing in her eyes. I love how happy she gets when I pick her up, how her eyes sparkle and she wiggles and laughs from joy. I love (most of the time!) that she prefers me to anyone else in the world.

These last 6 months have flown - literally flown! - by and having just celebrated Grace's 11th birthday I know how the years will fly by too. All too soon Clementine will be flying farther and farther afield, gaining her independence, and her desire to be near me at all times will fade. That is as it should be! but I will certainly miss these sweet, precious baby months.

I love you sweet, darling Clementine! You are my precious baby girl and I thank God for every moment with you.


Anonymous said...

beautiful post and I love her name! that age was my favorite, too. Heck, all of her ages and stages were (are) my favorite!!!

Annette said...

Love it! You are right, she is a beautiful, beautiful baby girl! I love your words in this post.