Monday, March 15, 2010


We've been looking to buy a house the last few weeks. On the second day of looking we found our dream house. We made an offer the next day. (It had been on the market for less than a week.) Someone made a better offer that same day and we didn't get it. Since then we've looked at many, many other houses and none of them are right. Basically our choice is to buy a nice big house in a rough neighborhood or a tiny rambler in a nicer neighborhood. I'm so burned out looking at houses!! Nothing is getting done around the house, the kids have been riding around in the van for hours or being babysat, we've been eating on the fly... blah.

Anyway, that's what's been going on in our lives.

On a better note:

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Annette said...

I will pray that the Lord leads you to the perfect home for YOUR FAMILY, and that He knock out all the roadblocks so that it's smooth & effortless. We can ask, right??