Monday, February 8, 2010

DIY Valentines!

Grace has a homeschool Valentine's Day party coming up....

...and I can't stand store-bought Valentines....

...and my creative juices have pretty much stopped flowing these days....

...and Grace wanted my help making 20-some Valentines... I found some adorable, zany, fun, hip, colorful, printable Valentines HERE!

Aren't these cute??

There are more!

If you're feeling a little more... energetic.... crafty.... creative.... fun... [none of which I am right now...]

you could make THESE colorful Valentine cards and use up your old crayon stubs at the same time!

For some really fun and crafty sorts of Valentine's Day Thingies, check out...

Heart Garlands and Stained Glass Hearts at Skip to My Lou

Shortbread Buttons and Repurposed Instant Film Valentines at Creature Comforts (a favorite of mine!!)

Origami Heart Bookmarks and Heart-Shaped Paper Clips at How About Orange (another fave!)

1 comment:

Debby said...

What *great* ideas, Melissa! I love it that you don't keep all this great stuff to yourself, but bless the rest of us, too!!

Love you, friend!