Thursday, July 16, 2009

Natural Born Babies Video

In an effort to educate women about their choices and options during the childbearing years, Birth Matters Virginia - an organization aiming to improve the culture of birth in their state - solicited short videos about evidence-based maternity and delivery care.

You can view all the winning videos here (there's one about the homebirth of a baby named Judah!), but this runner-up was my favorite! I think it really gets out the message of evidence-based maternity care and choices in birth. It's something I could see recommending to pregnant friends!

I especially liked the one couple who talks about how the husband was not on board with their homebirth at first, but then he became this huge advocate ("almost like it was your idea to begin with", the wife says). Reminds me of us.


e&e said...

Oh, Melissa,

If you keep posting stuff like this, my kitchen will never be clean.

I LOVED that video. And I loved at the end when they had the occupations of the people on there. No "hippies", I noticed.

Thanks for the worthwhile distraction!

P.S. How's YOUR pregnancy and birth plan coming?

melissa said...

I knew you'd love it, Elisa!

I, too, noticed that these people choosing out-of-hospital births weren't crazy earth muffins, but professional, well-educated normal people. They knew what they wanted and they did their homework and made choices based on solid evidence. It's great to see choices in childbirth presented that way!

Pregnancy is GREAT, we think it's a girl but would also LOVE another boy, and are planning our second homebirth (this time a waterbirth and I'm SO EXCITED!) with the same wonderful midwife! Thank you for asking. :)