Friday, August 1, 2008

The Sort of Things You Only Say to a Boy

Funny, weird and slightly disgusting things I've caught myself saying to the Boy lately, none of which I ever said to Grace when she was two:

"Please stop saying, 'I love poop' ".

"Moses, say you're sorry for biting Sissy on the butt."

"Moses, look!" [in a super excited voice] "The garbage truck!!"

"Judah doesn't like it when you stick your finger all the way down his throat."

"I love it when you drink your milk instead of gargling it".

"Moses, did you poop on the floor?"

"Yes, that's a very nice bug. Let's put it outside."

"Please stop eating bread crusts out of the garbage."

"Yeah! Your pee went in the toilet!"

What funny things have you found yourself saying to your child that you never thought would come out of your mouth before you were a parent?


Susan said...


"Please don't hit each other every time you go by each other."

"If you take it apart, you have to put it together again."

"You can wear your cowboy stuff at home - not to church."

"Do not put worms in your sister's mouth while she is sleeping."

"Do not EVER start a fire anywhere else except in the fire pit."

Do any of these sound familiar? These were your brothers, after all!

melissa said...

yeah, I seem to recall the worm in the mouth incident...

Rachel said...

"Take you shoes out of your mouth!"