Saturday, February 16, 2008


Still pregnant. Still HUGE. Still no baby. Feeling antsy, impatient, a little frustrated, discontent. Everything feels READY, but there's no BABY! I need patience... my midwife called this morning and offered a natural induction technique, but I declined, seeing in my heart that I wanted to control when this baby comes instead of trusting God's timing. So we're still waiting. Has anyone ever stayed pregnant indefinitely?

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dwiebes said...

HAHA I felt as though I would be pregnant indeffinately. But he did come... 11 days later than they said he should and he was still under 8 pounds (I almost typed 11 there, that would not have been encouraging!) Now that he's here I can't believe that we're done all of this pregnant birthing business. I will keep praying for you. Do you know what kept me from going crazy? Your comment about how you were in such a hurry with Matthias in the end and how you wish you could have those days nack! Blessings Sister (in the Lord whom I've never met)