Monday, February 21, 2011

Judah's 3rd Birthday Party

 Mr. Judah Buddy turned Three on Saturday! I'm working on a post about JUDAH being THREE, but in the mean time I wanted to post a few pics of his birthday party.

On Friday Judah fell while playing outside and busted his lip open on some ice. Poor guy! But he was tough and hardly even cried.

Papa took him in to get stitches. The doctor was not as gentle as the one Moses had for his stitches, and Judah cried. I'm glad it was Papa and not me who had to hold him down for the stitches. But, Judah was really excited after the fact, because now he has stitches just like Big Brother Moses had!

On Saturday we had a little party for Judah with just us. The bigger family party scheduled for Sunday was canceled due to inclement weather. =[

A Batman card always goes over well. Moses was pretty interested in it too!

The card had this cool little pin on it.

He was wearing the perfect yellow shirt, too!

Check out my Batman pin!


He really wanted Woody.


Bigger smile!!

"Buzz Lightyear!!"


Bigger smile!!

Yummy chocolate birthday cake

Mmmm, what a fun birthday.

This is my big three-year-old birthday boy! I love him to pieces.


son said...

Oh! Such a big boy already! Will there be a rescheduling of the birthday party? We can't wait to everyone and give Judah his gift!

himalayan sojourners... said...

wow! Judah, you are growing into such a handsome boy. we miss you all so much!