Friday, December 3, 2010

"T" for Turtle

This made me laugh:

Moses came to me with a piece of paper he had cut out in a sort of tombstone shape, with little squares drawn all over it and asked me to guess what it was.

A cookie?
A phone?
A remote control?
I give up!

"I'll give you a hint, Mom." Moses said. "I'll tell you what letter it starts with."


"Um, hmmm.....what letter does "turtle" start with?"


"Okay, it starts with 't'."

Is it a turtle?

"Yes!!! Mom, how did you guess?!"


Terry and Amy Wing said...

that is hilarious! so sweet! i just shared this with terry too and we laughed. love it :-)

Sarah! said...

That is awesome! Hooray for little people brains (-: