Monday, September 13, 2010

Grace's First Week at School

Contrary to her own expectations, Grace had a wonderful first week at school!

She likes wearing her uniform, which was something she thought she would dislike.  On Thursday when we picked her up she told us she and another girl were going to dress to "match" the next day.  (They have two different skirts, two different colored shirts and can wear either navy or white socks, so even though it's a uniform there are a few different "looks.")  Richard looked at me and said, "It starts."  =]

Although she's mentioned she misses being at home with me and the little kids all day, she isn't lonely at school and she said she doesn't really miss us while she's at school.  She has of course made friends with everybody in her class and half of the younger girls as well!

She did have one negative experience with being singled out as "the new girl."  Apparently the boys in her class regularly pull the girls' ponytails.  But because Grace is new, they have refrained from pulling her ponytail and Grace felt a little left out.  I assured her that the boys would quickly get used to her being there and would pull her ponytail just as much as the other girls'.

She likes most of her subjects, including Math which was not a favorite at home.  She doesn't like Grammar or Physical Conditioning, but loves Spanish and Literature.

I do miss having her at home, but am enjoying a new season with my three little ones - being able to focus more on them and just hanging out and playing.  Moses loves "doing school" (we're doing a very relaxed preschool) and I'm connecting with Judah much more than last year when Grace was homeschooling.  I feel like I'm actually getting down on their level and really doing stuff with them instead of just trying to keep them occupied while I do school with Grace.  And that was really a big part of why we decided to send Grace to school.

Grace also seems to be benefitting from the schedule and routine of being in a classroom setting.  Although it's hard for me to hand over her education to someone else and not be learning side-by-side together with her, I feel like this is the best arrangement for this season in out lives.  Before too long I will be homeschooling 3 kids all at once and will again be enjoying the thrill of watching my children learn.

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