Thursday, January 28, 2010


Clementine, 3 months

Moses, 4 months

Moses, 4 months

Clementine, 3 months

Anyone else see a resemblance??


Sember said...

Wow!!! It is so amazing what you can do with photoshop these days.:)
That is amazing. It's great that you post photos like that, I love seeing them. Clementine is a beauty.

e&e said...

Wow, that is crazy. I have to say that Clementine does seem a bit more feminine to me. She's got that girly gaze...

Sember said...

BTW, who made that beautiful quilt she is lying on?

melissa said...

Elisa, thank you for saying that! Grace has always had very feminine features, even from birth, and Clementine isn't as much, so it's nice to hear that she does look a little more girly than her brothers. :)

Sember, HI! I am so happy to see your comments here! I miss you terrible, just so you know.

I made the quilt, but I cannot take much credit for it because it was a "quilt in a box" sort of thing that I just cut out and sewed together. *blush*

Annette said...

That is amazing! Cute kiddos - and I LOVE the recent photos of all 4 together. Nice work, Missy.