Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moses' 3rd Birthday

Some snapshots from Moses' third birthday:

This is really cool because fire is involved.

Moses called these his "birthday muffins."

"Happy birthday to YOU!"

We love you, Moses!

Blow out the candles!

Ow, I touched a candle and it was hot!

Pondering the pile of presents.

Opening the first card...

It says, "Happy 3rd Birthday, Moses!
We love you from Papa, Mama, Sissy, Judah and New Baby."

Cute little three-year-old feet.

Oooh, this toy is from Uncle Caleb and it involves screwing little pieces of metal together. Perfect.

Grandpa and Grace

Ripping into the next one...

A wooden train set!

Can I open it now?

Time for a picture with Sissy. Which means the goofy smile appears...
There were so many cool things at Creative Kidstuff that we couldn't resist getting something for Grace and Judah. I hope they don't remember next year because it's not meant to be a new tradition! Grace got a jump rope...

...and her very youthful Grandma demonstrated how to run while skipping rope.

Judah is intrigued.
Apparently he doesn't remember what presents are from his 1st birthday in February.

Am I supposed to step on it?

Oh, I get it!

It's a super-cool latch board!

Moses forgot about his other presents for a minute!

Back to the business at hand.

Monster Memory! Yay for family games.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Boy!!! We love you!


Debby said...

Happy Birthday to Moses!!! And much love to all of you!

(And I think your new layout is LOVELY!!!)

grandmaonthefarm said...

so.... weren't there other people there that could have their pictures posted??? hmmmm???? - we wouldn't want to have any hurt feelings from the uncles. But it truly was a fun party - thanks for inviting us-all our love to our new 'free' year old boy!