Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meet #5

Due to join the
Mailly Family
mid-October, 2009.


Leah Miller said...

AAAAAAH! So, you're, what, 8 weeks or so?


e&e said...


You're probably farther than that, right? A girl at my church here is due Oct 25th and she's 11 weeks.

How come the ultrasound? Everything ok?

You have such cutie-pie babes. Even this one looks adorable already. So tiny and precious.

Oh, God, You are SO good to us.


Sarah! said...

Oh, Melissa, I am so happy for you guys -- I am glad that you (and God) persuaded Richard that another baby would be a good thing (-: I hope you are given a girl -- but three boys is an adventure worth trying (-:

melissa said...

I'm 13 weeks as of Easter. Wow, that's 2nd Trimester already!

The ultrasound was a volunteer thing at New Life to help train volunteers there in using the ultrasound. They were able to confirm only 1 babe! Probably a boy. :)

Scotty and Lisa said...

Woohoo! We'll be in MN in mid-October-what perfect time. Congrats to you all, we'll be so happy to see you and meet the new one!

Sarena said...
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Sarena said...

congratulations! I'm very exctited for you guys! We just had #5 seven weeks ago and I'm loving it!