Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Knowing Your Basic First Aid Techniques Comes In Handy

Last night as we were sitting at the table eating dinner (turkey burgers and fruit), Richard choked on his food. Choked as in couldn't breathe or cough.

So I performed the Heimlich Maneuver on him. Successfully. No panicking, no screaming, just a couple swift abdominal thrusts and some hard smacks on the back, and he was free of that pesky piece of food lodged in his throat.

That's right. I just saved my husband's life.

Grace, of course, was traumatized and laying with her head in her arms sobbing at the table. We reassured her that everything was fine, yes it was scary but God had protected us, and isn't it a good thing we've watched "What About Bob" so many times? I told her if my initial methods had failed, I would have had Papa lay on the couch so she could jump on his back. That got a weak smile.

Moses' only comment was "Loud," in reference to Richard's subsequent hacking and coughing.

Judah, who had been sitting on Richards lap when the choking began and then had been set on the floor, took the opportunity to head straight to the dog dishes, which he loves but never gets to play with. Well last night he got to splash around in the dog water to his heart's content, totally oblivious to the serious nature of the events happening around him.

We finished our meal in a mostly composed manner, except that Richard and I both had somewhat shaky hands. It was quite an adrenaline rush. We just looked at each other from across the table and said, wow. That was crazy.

So now I'm thinking, how many Starbuck's lattes do you think I earned, saving Richard's life last night? Seems at least a year's worth is reasonable. Of course, saving Richard from choking is really in my own best interest, so maybe one could argue that the reward is having my husband here with me for (hopefully) many more years to come. But I'll still see if I can get a latte out of the deal.



e&e said...

WOW I guess you truly live up to the verse about a good wife being more valuable than rubies!

Many praises to God for His protection, and I hope Grace isn't permanently traumatized. Poor girl!


Rachel said...

Who knew "What About Bob?" could be so instructive or live-saving? I'm so glad that you were able to act swiftly and that Richard is okay.

melissa said...

Yes, I make light of it, but really I was giving heartfelt thanks to God that my sloppy attempts at helping a choking person worked at all. I remember Richard signaling to me that he was choking and me getting up and putting my arms around him and thinking, "I have no idea what I'm doing."

God is gracious! And Grace is okay - not permanently harmed, hopefully. :)

Leah Miller said...

Boy, Melissa. You weren't kidding when you told me that Richard eats way too fast.

Har har.

I'm very glad that God used you to save Richard. And I think you deserved a latte WAY before this incident, girlfriend.

melissa said...

Yes! Thanks Leah. And I'm not going to bet money that this incident causes Richard to eat slower. ;)