Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Judah at Six Weeks

Here's some more recent pictures of our littlest one, "Goo-Gah", as we affectionately call him (Moses' attempt at "Judah").

I found with Moses that I kept saying at each new baby "stage" that it was my favorite stage and I loved it the most. Well, I'm not going to say that with Judah, because I know each stage has it's new and wonderful aspects. So instead of saying "this one's the best," I'll start simply listing my favorite things about each stage. I missed writing about the newborn stage, but I do LOVE that time. Here's a couple:
  • The euphoria of seeing and holding and touching your new baby whom you've waited so long to meet
  • How a newborn feels like this tiny yet substantial little bundle in your arms
  • The smell of a newborn. Grace said when Moses was born, "he smells like a kind of lotion that no one has invented yet."
  • They just sleep and eat, with periods of "quiet alert" where they gaze at you and at the world in this amazed sort of way. They're not "doing" a lot, but it's just right. Because you just want to eat and sleep and gaze at them in this amazed sort of way.

Judah is now actually 7 weeks old, and from about 5 weeks to now he's stopped feeling like a newborn and has entered a new period of growth and development. It's sad to have that amazingly special newborn phase go, but I love discovering who he is becoming now!

What I love about this stage:

  • Still cuddly and sweet like a newborn but not so fragile and tiny
  • Social interaction!! Social smiling, cooing, looking at you when you talk to him, responding to your voice... it's so sweet to relate to each other in this new way.
  • Growing interest in surroundings, more wakefulness and alertness during the day
  • Has lost that funny, squished, wrinkly newborn look and is getting chubby and super cute!
  • Is so strong! Holding head up a lot, rolling over, loves looking around while on his tummy. We're starting to call him "such a big boy"
  • Nursing is down pat by this time
  • Personality is emerging a little bit more and you're able to see a glimpse of who he's going to be. It's still breathtaking to behold a brand new person, with an eternal soul, lying in your arms

A Smile!

Strong boy!

I just love his adorable little profile

The sibs

Hi Sissy!

Crashed out in Classic Pooh

Napping with a baby - it's so special

My boys

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! I love your entry - what a wonderful reminder to soak in the new gifts God gives each day. I miss you all so much!